Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jumper 2 Movie - Jumper Sequel

Jumper 2 - Jumper Movie SequelThe first Jumper movie received widespread criticism and negative reviews from critics, but it didn't hinder the film be more than profitable: the film generated a revenue of more than $222 million for an estimated budget of $85 million. So it makes sense for the studios to think about a sequel to Jumper. And it comes as no surprise since the first film's ending was left wide open for a potential sequel.

Actor Hayden Christensen, who had the lead role in the first film, recently confirmed to MTV that they're definitely planning Jumper 2:

"We're talking about it right now actually… [Where could the story go?] Hopefully somewhere a little darker.
I think there's a lot you can do with it. It was sort of set up in a way it's gonna be mother hunting son and possibly even maybe sister hunting brother. We're talking about it, trying to figure it out."
Actor Hayden Christensen

I did enjoy the first film, so I'm glad to hear about the movie Jumper 2. The story was kind of weak sometimes, but overall it was a quite entertaining science-fiction movie, and Hayden Christensen did deliver a great performance. But the villains in the movie Jumper need to be more convincing than in the first film...

Anyway, I hope Jumper 2 will enter into production soon!